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Italian Gardens
Judith Wade

Italian Gardens

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Since the earliest Roman settlements, Italians have been expertly cultivating their land into beautiful and creative displays of nature, combining terraces and walkways, plants and flowers, water and statuary. The Italian garden has greatly evolved throughout the ages. Early Italian gardens made use of citrus, the ancient art of the topiary was revived in the Renaissance, and the refined parterre was developed to spread forth from the great palazzos and provide a dramatic view from their upper stories. Later, in the nineteenth century, the influence of the English garden took hold, with its meandering paths, asymmetrical lakes, and blossoming trees. In Italian Gardens, Wade explores more than five hundred years of the Italian garden tradition, introducing the reader to thirty-seven of the most captivating gardens of Italy, in eleven regions are visited, from Lombardy and Piedmont in the north, to the island of Sicily in the south. 

Italian Gardens: A Guide
Helena Attlee & Alex Ramsey

Italian Gardens

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For more than 500 years the gardens of Italy been irresistibly attractive. Many of the greatest artists and architects of the Renaissance were employed in their design and ornamentation. Italian Gardens is a practical and beautifully illustrated guide to more than 60 of the finest examples, from the seventeenth-century gardens of Castello d'Aglie in Piedmont to the thirteenth-century Moorish garden of the Villa Rufolo in Campania. This book provides histories and descriptions, as well as detailed information on locations, facilities, opening times, and accessibility.

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